Monday, June 22, 2009

ListTag : End to Data Listing woes

After a short break from my passion, I am back to what I can do best.
Code. This time around I am working on an Independent project
called the ListTag.
A Custom tag to solve all your Pagination, Sorting and Listing woes.

My experience with the Engineering teams here at work, made me
feel that we spend too much time re-inventing the wheel. Take the
case of Listing a set of records, Paginating it and Sorting it. I know
Flex, .NET have great custom controls to automate this stuff. Even
Java has some of them. Not that popular though and each having
cryptic API which makes them implementing quite a task. So I
experimented with a brand new way of abstracting the
Web Developer on this trivial and repeated task, by building the
ListTag. It extends the JSTL TagSupport class and provides great
new features, with integration in a matter of seconds.
The initial BETA is being tested and I will release it to the World by
next week.
I am adding pretty neat AJAX features now which will attract more
audiences and greater performance.
More updates on this as I near the deadline.

Happy Coding.

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