Sunday, June 21, 2009

Movie Review : Ladder 49

I picked up this DVD primarily because I enjoy watching
Travolta. The charisma of this guy really shines in every
film I saw before. And one more reason to pick it up
was the great soundtrack, especially As I am Leaving
by David Gray, one of my personal favourites.

I dont want to review the story as you can easily get
it from any other site. Its the sheer experience of
wide range emotions that the film makes you go
through, one of the highlights of the movie. As it is
nicely said, after you have seen the movie, you will
never see Fire truck in the same way. I am sure
most of us have never even paid a single pint of
attention to a Fire truck or the people behind it.
This movie dedicates itself to the countless Fire-
fighters around the world, and celebrates their
emotions on screen.

A must watch. Joaquin Phoenix is great.
And so is Travolta.

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