Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TED : Gift to the World

How many of you have heard about TED : The premier
conference on Technology, Education and Design,
bringing some of the most creative and expressive
people around the world, and giving them the stage
for 20 min only. I am a TED addict. Watched hundreds
of TED presentations from last 2 years and still
craving for more. What delights me in each TED
talk, is the sheer passion and creativity that
the speaker tries to portray in order to make sure
his thoughts are spread around the world in less than
20 min. TED talks are freely available for anybody to
download, and they have a growing user base, where you
can share, express and exchange your TED tidbits.

And what more can I ask. TED is coming to India, this
November at Mysore campus of Infosys.

Check out and experience the power of changing
the world.


  1. TED is really a great website. I have been following it since last 6 months and it is actually very inspiring for each and every one. I recommend everyone must visit the website once in a while for inspiration.


  2. Right Supathi. A Gift best shared with the world.