Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Wave is Here

Google has done it. On May 28, it presented to the
world, its shiny new toy for everybody : Google Wave.
I was blown away by the Google Wave webcast i saw
somedays back. They have truly reinvented Email for
21st Century. The features, some of them uniquely
intuitive and some out of the world. If you have not
yet seen the video, please rush and have a look. A
80 mins. of pure Technology bliss.
Some of the cool features I loved :-

1. Ability to reply to a part of a mail, instead of
the complete mail.

2. The awesome Spell Checker that comes as an

3. Document Collaboration where participants
can see in real time, what the other user is
typing and making changes to. This really

4. HTML 5 really rocks.

5. Ultra cool UI effects and functionalities.

6. Wave as an Real time component which
can be embedded into any existing Communication
tool like Blogging or Twitter.

and lastly,

6. The Out-of-the-World Language Translator
Extension which comes as an Extension to the
Wave. And boy it does awesome Real time
Language Translation.

Some links you must go through :-

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