Sunday, June 21, 2009

The patience of an Indian customer

I didnt even think for a second coming up for
a title for this post. The Patience of an Indian
Customer. I am sure most of us could easily
relate to this. Are we the most impatient
or the most patient customers in the world.
How many times, we go to a shop and compromise
on a sub-standard customer experience. Waiting
endlessly in a line that never ends, or dealing with
a terrible shopping experience.
It really makes me sick, when we as a nation cannot
understand one simple thing about being competitive
in this global market. The word is Customer Experience.
The recession is a proof that the world has changed.
No longer you can sell on cost margins. No longer you stay
in market because you are the cheapest provider.
The recession has hurt all, the all mighty to the lowly
hawker. So isn't this the time to rethink about how
we think about selling. I liked the book
"What the Customer wants you to Know" by Ram Charan.
A good read and a valuable one. Great insights with
some engaging examples by the champion of management
consultants. And as soon I finished the book, i started thinking
how many times, I was tested for my patience as a Customer.
Be it buying a computer or standing in line to pay the bill.
The Experience is missing. Is it because, we as a Customer
dont pay for experience, we just own the goods, and throw it
once our gratification with it is over. Or is it something else.

I think we all need to relook into what is the competition and
what are its essentials. Customer Experience being one of
them, and the one we dont really count much as far as
Indian standards are concerned. I heard so many asking
what Indian has to do to become a product development
leader. I say we need to know what makes the customer
Experience as delightful as possible. India for many in the
world is its Back office. So many support projects, Call
center and Outsourcing work, we essentially need to be
the front runners in providing the best experience a Customer
can ask for. And I feel thats the next competitive edge.

More on this in my later posts. For now, Start thinking.

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