Monday, June 29, 2009

What I am Building - II

After a lazy weekend, I am here to update all of you about
the ListTag which I am developing. I am building a Project
on Sourceforge today, and by afternoon will host it.

It will come with a JAR file, and a TLD (Tag Lib Descriptor)
which has to be imported in the project. Also, I will be
enclosing Documentation to explain the finer details of the
Tag usage. The Source also will be available for free.

More on the features soon coming :-
1. AJAX support. Already implemented in the ALPHA scope of the
Project, but will not be released until this Wednesday.

2. Some new UI patterns are being included, for which I will
provide Screenshots for all of you to have a better understanding.

So looking forward for reviews & comments.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Am I Reading anything ?

These books have been lying on my bedside for sometime (3 weeks).
And you cannot really finish reading any of the below books.
I got to learn it, rather than read it.
And thats what I am doing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comments welcome from Everyone

Thanks all for great comments. As you demanded, I
have enabled comments from all, even if you are not
a Google Account holder.
So comment, criticize and add value to my posts.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie Review : The Greatest Game Ever Played

This movie reminds me of Iqbal. Remember !!. Shreyas Talpade as a dumb and deaf budding bowler trying hard to make a name for himself in the big bag world of Cricket. And in the end he defeated the dislikes of his dad, the naysayers, by reaching the Indian Cricket team. This movie is not the same, but follows the mood. A poor peasant boy raised his parents to believe that, the rich will never allow the poor to excel, goes against his Dad to play his passion. A God gifted hand for Golf, this boy fights the bureaucracy, and the opposition of poor to rise up to the ranks of master of the game.

I am no golfer, and do not understand it well, but this movie has
heightened my curiosity and interest in the game. The movie
dramatizes the game of Golf into a battlefield with amazing visual
effects that truly brings alive the different nuances of the game.
The concentration, strategy and competitiveness of this sport is
expressed in such elegance, it literally keeps you hooked till the
Marvelous performances and believable characters make this
touching underdog story a must watch.

The Mistaken Identity

Its sad that a lovely city like Melbourne is now in
news for all the wrong reasons. Racist attacks, brutal
wounds of Indian students, and what not. For the time,
I was staying in Melbourne, i didn't even have a slightest
hint that this place would turn into a battlefield.
I found the people ever approachable, extremely
caring and jovial. I was put up in Fairfield, a fairy
tale part of Melbourne and would daily train to city.
For not even once, I felt a sense of discomfort travelling
alone at nights and roaming around the city. Instead I
was overwhelmed by the calmness and peace of Melbourne.
A lovely place, and surely one I wanted to stay a little
longer. Its sad that these events have, if not tarnished,
spoiled the image of Melbourne. I still believe these
incidents are acts of selective few and does not
in any way reflect the mood of the city.

Hope this episode gets over and the life in this
lovely city comes back to normal.

TED : Gift to the World

How many of you have heard about TED : The premier
conference on Technology, Education and Design,
bringing some of the most creative and expressive
people around the world, and giving them the stage
for 20 min only. I am a TED addict. Watched hundreds
of TED presentations from last 2 years and still
craving for more. What delights me in each TED
talk, is the sheer passion and creativity that
the speaker tries to portray in order to make sure
his thoughts are spread around the world in less than
20 min. TED talks are freely available for anybody to
download, and they have a growing user base, where you
can share, express and exchange your TED tidbits.

And what more can I ask. TED is coming to India, this
November at Mysore campus of Infosys.

Check out and experience the power of changing
the world.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SAPNET and the story behind it

SAPNET was started in the year 2005 by enthusiastic team from Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore. Its initial agenda was simple: To empower students to create the next big thing in Technology.

We conducted programs, workshops and seminars in the college as well as allow some of our members
to spread the word to other institutions. And we did amazing work no doubt.

The present avatar of SAPNET has a different purpose and its agenda has changed to :

Contributing to the advancement of technology through collaboration.

Keeping this thing mind, SAPNET organises weekly meetings around Bangalore where group
members come and share their passions in technology and entrepreneurship. We host Brain-storming sessions, Code demos and technology discussions. Also as a part of the new initiatives, we are creating start-up teams to come out with innovative ideas and implement them in limited time. Then these implementations are carried forward through our contacts into the general audience. This initiative already has a team working on a solution to solve Traffic Snarl in Bangalore through Social Networking and Collective Intelligence.

We are marching towards this new phase by getting new people who are excited to work with technology and have a passion to create outstanding solutions for the world.

Now coming to the problems that we are having in the regular operations of SAPNET :-

1. Firstly most of the members are Engineers employed by IT MNCs and are running short of
time to participate every week in the meetings of SAPNET thanks to gruel some Deadline issues in their
respective projects.

2. Previously we used to hold the meetings at our college premises which was easy and convenient
for everybody to attend. Now as we moved out of the college premises, Space is one issue that is
holding us. But we have some support in the form of some temporary establishments where we hold
our meetings.

Apart from the above two issues, the others are minor to describe. We are trying to find the solutions to
above problems by either holding our meetings online through Web Conferences.

On the web we run a blog which is open through membership :-

Thanks and Regards,
Vivek Juneja
Chief Co-ordinator, SAPNET

The Wave is Here

Google has done it. On May 28, it presented to the
world, its shiny new toy for everybody : Google Wave.
I was blown away by the Google Wave webcast i saw
somedays back. They have truly reinvented Email for
21st Century. The features, some of them uniquely
intuitive and some out of the world. If you have not
yet seen the video, please rush and have a look. A
80 mins. of pure Technology bliss.
Some of the cool features I loved :-

1. Ability to reply to a part of a mail, instead of
the complete mail.

2. The awesome Spell Checker that comes as an

3. Document Collaboration where participants
can see in real time, what the other user is
typing and making changes to. This really

4. HTML 5 really rocks.

5. Ultra cool UI effects and functionalities.

6. Wave as an Real time component which
can be embedded into any existing Communication
tool like Blogging or Twitter.

and lastly,

6. The Out-of-the-World Language Translator
Extension which comes as an Extension to the
Wave. And boy it does awesome Real time
Language Translation.

Some links you must go through :-

Monday, June 22, 2009

ListTag : End to Data Listing woes

After a short break from my passion, I am back to what I can do best.
Code. This time around I am working on an Independent project
called the ListTag.
A Custom tag to solve all your Pagination, Sorting and Listing woes.

My experience with the Engineering teams here at work, made me
feel that we spend too much time re-inventing the wheel. Take the
case of Listing a set of records, Paginating it and Sorting it. I know
Flex, .NET have great custom controls to automate this stuff. Even
Java has some of them. Not that popular though and each having
cryptic API which makes them implementing quite a task. So I
experimented with a brand new way of abstracting the
Web Developer on this trivial and repeated task, by building the
ListTag. It extends the JSTL TagSupport class and provides great
new features, with integration in a matter of seconds.
The initial BETA is being tested and I will release it to the World by
next week.
I am adding pretty neat AJAX features now which will attract more
audiences and greater performance.
More updates on this as I near the deadline.

Happy Coding.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Movie Review : Ladder 49

I picked up this DVD primarily because I enjoy watching
Travolta. The charisma of this guy really shines in every
film I saw before. And one more reason to pick it up
was the great soundtrack, especially As I am Leaving
by David Gray, one of my personal favourites.

I dont want to review the story as you can easily get
it from any other site. Its the sheer experience of
wide range emotions that the film makes you go
through, one of the highlights of the movie. As it is
nicely said, after you have seen the movie, you will
never see Fire truck in the same way. I am sure
most of us have never even paid a single pint of
attention to a Fire truck or the people behind it.
This movie dedicates itself to the countless Fire-
fighters around the world, and celebrates their
emotions on screen.

A must watch. Joaquin Phoenix is great.
And so is Travolta.

Movie Review : Death at a Funeral

The title sounds spooky isnt' it.
But dont go by the name, its one hilarious
cracker-jacker. I must admit, i was wary of
how the movie would be. I mean, never heard
of it. The DVD carries some great comments
from Critics and some mention of wins at
Internation Film festivals. So I picked it.
A complete roller-coster ride into one event
that brings all in a family in London.
It showcases real characters, much believable
coming together with their own differences,
and nuisances for a funeral. And the hell breaks
lose. A comedy that i enjoyed with some really good
laughs. All in all, I nice movie to enjoy on a cosy
Saturday afternoon. Watch it, and you will not

The patience of an Indian customer

I didnt even think for a second coming up for
a title for this post. The Patience of an Indian
Customer. I am sure most of us could easily
relate to this. Are we the most impatient
or the most patient customers in the world.
How many times, we go to a shop and compromise
on a sub-standard customer experience. Waiting
endlessly in a line that never ends, or dealing with
a terrible shopping experience.
It really makes me sick, when we as a nation cannot
understand one simple thing about being competitive
in this global market. The word is Customer Experience.
The recession is a proof that the world has changed.
No longer you can sell on cost margins. No longer you stay
in market because you are the cheapest provider.
The recession has hurt all, the all mighty to the lowly
hawker. So isn't this the time to rethink about how
we think about selling. I liked the book
"What the Customer wants you to Know" by Ram Charan.
A good read and a valuable one. Great insights with
some engaging examples by the champion of management
consultants. And as soon I finished the book, i started thinking
how many times, I was tested for my patience as a Customer.
Be it buying a computer or standing in line to pay the bill.
The Experience is missing. Is it because, we as a Customer
dont pay for experience, we just own the goods, and throw it
once our gratification with it is over. Or is it something else.

I think we all need to relook into what is the competition and
what are its essentials. Customer Experience being one of
them, and the one we dont really count much as far as
Indian standards are concerned. I heard so many asking
what Indian has to do to become a product development
leader. I say we need to know what makes the customer
Experience as delightful as possible. India for many in the
world is its Back office. So many support projects, Call
center and Outsourcing work, we essentially need to be
the front runners in providing the best experience a Customer
can ask for. And I feel thats the next competitive edge.

More on this in my later posts. For now, Start thinking.