Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Passion of Change

There is so much written about change, as a part of life, business and technology that me writing one more on this is a cliche. But still i want to put the change in my perspective.
Changes in Business and Technology that makes me more interested.
Of course there is a change in life too, but i will sound too much philosophical if i do so.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Are you game ?

I have got myself involved in organising an intra - company
IT and business quiz which will last for a month. Quizzing as
one of my passions, i couldn't stop myself from not getting into
it after all those years of organising and participating in quizzes.
Organising such events has taught me immensely about the pains
of logistics and time management if not taken care of.
And the best part is that you cannot avoid such mishaps unless
you have thought about every single thing that can go wrong.
Quiz has grown more into an entertainment package that attracts
now not only curious folks but people looking for destress themselves
thanks to corporate quizzes like Brand Equity.
I especially prefer quiz rounds which lets the people take control
and approach to the answer rather than just vomitting out from
the memory.
More from me later..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rebooting the Record

I am finally starting again.
After around 2 years since last post, i am rebooting my journey
through the pages of this blog. And i will be sincere.
What will feature in this blog ?
Well my experiences with life, Technology and in general everything.
I am addicted to quizzing, programming and reading. So blogging
will be my new addiction.
Surely i will make all of you to come to my blog very often
in the days to come.
Till we meet next.