Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SAPNET and the story behind it

SAPNET was started in the year 2005 by enthusiastic team from Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore. Its initial agenda was simple: To empower students to create the next big thing in Technology.

We conducted programs, workshops and seminars in the college as well as allow some of our members
to spread the word to other institutions. And we did amazing work no doubt.

The present avatar of SAPNET has a different purpose and its agenda has changed to :

Contributing to the advancement of technology through collaboration.

Keeping this thing mind, SAPNET organises weekly meetings around Bangalore where group
members come and share their passions in technology and entrepreneurship. We host Brain-storming sessions, Code demos and technology discussions. Also as a part of the new initiatives, we are creating start-up teams to come out with innovative ideas and implement them in limited time. Then these implementations are carried forward through our contacts into the general audience. This initiative already has a team working on a solution to solve Traffic Snarl in Bangalore through Social Networking and Collective Intelligence.

We are marching towards this new phase by getting new people who are excited to work with technology and have a passion to create outstanding solutions for the world.

Now coming to the problems that we are having in the regular operations of SAPNET :-

1. Firstly most of the members are Engineers employed by IT MNCs and are running short of
time to participate every week in the meetings of SAPNET thanks to gruel some Deadline issues in their
respective projects.

2. Previously we used to hold the meetings at our college premises which was easy and convenient
for everybody to attend. Now as we moved out of the college premises, Space is one issue that is
holding us. But we have some support in the form of some temporary establishments where we hold
our meetings.

Apart from the above two issues, the others are minor to describe. We are trying to find the solutions to
above problems by either holding our meetings online through Web Conferences.

On the web we run a blog which is open through membership :-

Thanks and Regards,
Vivek Juneja
Chief Co-ordinator, SAPNET


  1. dude when is the next meeting?

  2. Why don't you apply social networking and collective intelligence to come up with the empty spaces available all over blore and pinpoint them using google maps? *kidding*... nice work that you are doing... keep it up!

  3. btw... that was me... Nilay... dunno why my name is appearing like that! :O

  4. @Sumanth, I will call you today to discuss this. How you doing mate ?

  5. @Nilay, Thanks dude. Thats cool idea. You free for next year Hack Day.

  6. Yeah Yeah... I'm always free... when is Hack Day?

    And please allow people to post comments even when they are not logged into google... dunno why I keep seeing this strange name whenever I post!

  7. Nice work! I would like to contribute for the betterment of bangalore too :). Can I login from remote? :)

  8. Nilay, I have enabled Anonymous comments. Thanks.

    Bhavin, I am yet to expose the App to the World. Estimated Release Date : 2nd week of July 2009.

  9. And Nilay, even Google accepts that you are Wizard. Awesome!!! :)

  10. Oh... cool!
    (enabling of comments, I mean)