Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rules to live by : My Mantra @ Work

I have a old sheet of paper scribbled with "Rules to live by" in my workplace. I am not sure when I wrote this, but it has been with me for a while. I call it my Mantra.

Its amazing how a single scribble event can drive how I live my work life. I do not term it as a Vision document or Mission Statement. But a Mantra, or should I say - list of Mantras.

Let me share with you this list, and hope it helps you as to have your own list of Mantras.

1) Speed up Development process

2) Improve Effectiveness of Code being written

3) Make it extremely easy to write Great code

4) Build Great responsive and elegant apps

5) Balance between - using 1/2 time and build 2x quality in everything

6) Mitigate Risks in Software Development process

7) Reduce Initial hiccup time before development flow becomes steady

8) Create Reusable assets and Knowledge management features all along the SDLC

9) Make yourself and co-workers proud of their work

10) Build skills to complement each other in a team

More on these later, in subsequent posts.

Till then, Happy being great.