Saturday, July 04, 2009

Torry Harris ka Josh

For the first time, I am releasing the video that excited,
sparkled and made everybody look forward to every morning
in Torry Harris. Check the video, and let me know your
comments :-


  1. this fucked thbs ruined our career
    v r frm 2008 batch still waiting for joining , and no response from THBS side. do u have any idea ??????

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  3. Hi Abhishek,

    Sorry to hear about your joining issues with THBS. I totally understand your frustration. But this has nothing to do with THBS or its management. This has to do completely with Market effects and other outcomes of Recession.
    I would suggest an alternative to you which may sound weird but would definitely add on to your career. Approach an HR guy for an internship situation with THBS. Tell them you don't need to be paid by them, but give one opportunity to prove yourself. The Company doesn't have to pay you until they recognise your talent or zeal. You can take up some independent work from them for sometime. Finish up and then put your point forward stating why you think you should be considered even in this bad times. Recession times is more or less over. Fortunately you guys will be called for joining, but in my point of view, Difficult times ask for tough measures and creative too. You can send me your resume and your interests in terms of technology, and I can put you in the loop for the above matter with the right person.
    Hope it helps.


  4. You can even reply to