Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review : Hotel Rwanda

An outstanding epic of one common man's
stand against the brutal massacre of
a tribe of people in Rwanda. He is not
a soldier, he is not a politician, he is
an ordinary Hotel manager of a 4 star
hotel in Rwanda. using his wits, humour
and people skills, he builds a network
of white friends who he hopes will help
him and his family in any trouble. But
it all backfires when civil war erupts
in Rwanda. This war was a fight between
two tribes of the country, fighting for
power and one's revenge over another.
It was his leadership skills that saved
over 1000's of people in Rwanda from
the Genocide, when the whole world
had shown their back to them.
This real life incident depicted in
a great poise by Don Cheadle, is a must
watch. I just happened to see the trailer
of this movie, and got the urge to pick
it up from my neighbourhood DVD Rental
store. And I was surprised.
In my book, i would rate this movie a 5/5
at any day.

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