Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Issues with Reliance Broadband

With all fanfare, I recently upgraded my Reliance
NetConnect High Speed Wireless internet account to
a Broadband one, with speeds upto 3.1 MBps.

But alas, my excitement died very early, as I found
the modem had some issues with my OS (Windows XP
and Ubuntu). It refused to get detected
most of the times, and I had to go for a complete
re-installation. Things became worse, when I used to
do this procedure all the time whenever I need to access
the Net. No doubt, the speed was great, but this flaw
really hurt me a lot. The Customer care people had no
clue, and neither did the people who sold me the device.

Then finally, I came across a document regarding the modem
stating the problem and the solution for it. The problem
was with Device not being detected by the Dialer Software.
Hence I was instructed to go to the Device Manager of the
Windows XP OS and go for UPDATE DRIVER Option against the
modem listing. This could solve the issue. Now All I am left
is to try this out today when I reach back home and pray that
the solution works.


  1. Did the solution work? reliance is anyways pathetic!!! Hope you never face technical issues :)

  2. Hi Vivek,

    I wanted to check whether you got any solution for your problem. I am facing exactely same problem and was planning to go for re-installation.

    But would like to know if there exist any other solution than re-installation. I have already tried all sort of solution that are available on the internet. however no luck :(

    Hope to hear from you,


  3. Hey now its working. It seems the problem was the internal modem I had. I uninstalled the modem, and then reinstalled the Reliance Broadband Modem. Voila, it started working. Thankfully now it works most of the time. Also, I noticed that If I connect my modem just after I start the Reliance Dialer Application, it works.
    So just check it out and let me know.

  4. One more issues w.r.t to the Reliance modem was the use of USB 2.0 port only. I had connected to an old USB 1.1 port, and it was not working. It started working as soon I connected it to the faster USB port.

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