Monday, July 20, 2009

Book Review: Slide:ology

The book stands out immediately
from any other on this topic not just because
of great design of it, but the infamous author
: Nancy Duarte of Duarte Designs, one of the
largest design firms in Silicon Valley. Nancy
is a leader in presentation development and
an authority in design. The book beautifully
crafts the understanding of the Art and the
Science of creating Great presentations.
A color rich smorgasbord of design insights,
must dos, and all the elements required to
create impactful presentations. I thorougly
enjoyed reading this book, and got a completely
new mindset on how to build great Presentation.
Also included are great presentations and their
creators and what was the thinking behind them.
I recommend this book to anyone who fears preparingd
and giving presentation. I know each one of us
realise how important is to know and to create
presentations in our day-to-day life. And to all
of them, just go and grab this book. You will
thank me forever :)

With this, I would like to share some my finds on
great sites that would enlighten one and all on
the Art and the Science of Great Presentations :-

1. by Garr Reynolds.
2. - Everybody knows that


  1. how much does it cost??

  2. It costs around 400 - 500 bucks. I got one to review from the publisher.