Monday, January 21, 2013

The rise of Cost aware Architectures

Cost aware architectures have been on rise, thanks to the "as a service" phenomena. A lot have been said around these new evolving architecture patterns. The challenge is now to discover some of patterns that architects can use to build cost-aware architectures. In a gist, a Cost aware architecture is defined as an architecture that evolves based on how it sustains and grows revenues when using price varying infrastructure / application / platform services a.k.a cloud services. This means, as the business gets successful, and starts pooling in more revenue from the user, the cost-dynamics of adding capacity (infrastructure, application and platform) becomes less than linear.
As we see more and more application architectures incorporate "as a service" models, this is going to be the trend for future. I like what Werner Vogels talked about it in an article not long back.


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