Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Run in Public, Bring it back when its ready

The road to set up your own cloud infrastructure in your backyard is not a long shot, thanks to the array of techniques / patterns / solutions in the space. However, more organizations are looking at using Public Cloud services, especially IaaS and PaaS to experiment what it takes to scale their apps, and then bring the homework back to their own internal infrastructure a.k.a Z-Cloud of Zynga. This is proving to be a common place for organizations these days. And it makes a lot of sense.
Using public cloud services to test the waters in terms of what it takes to sustain and manage application scale is a good pattern. Once the pattern is understood, and the organization understands the nitty-gritties of managing the scale, an internal infrastructure can be setup, thereby owning the control back. This allows for efficient capacity planning and avoiding the common gotchas of deploying and managing the app at cloud scale.

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