Friday, November 06, 2009

JAD Decompilation Log Analysis Tool

JAD Decompilation Analyser

Lately, I was involved in some work revolving
Decompilation of a Java Web Application. The Source
Code is unavailable, and the Client requires some
immediate changes and features in the application.
JAD comes out to be the forefront of the solution
to this problem. Hence I used the same, and found
not everything is retrievable. But JAD really gives
an extensive Log to the users abou the problems
it faced with extracting the source code.
I also needed to generate some Documents stating
per Class file basis, the status of its Decompilation,
whether it generated errors/warnings and how many.
To Solve my woes, I wrote a simple Command Line
App in Java 5.0 that parses the Log file generated
by JAD, and creates an Onscreen report stating
the following :-

1. Per file, Status of Decompilation : PASS, PASS with Warnings,
FAIL and if Errors/Warnings, the list of the same neatly aligned
with the classname.

2. Summary of Result : No. of Files Decompiled without Errors/Warnings,
No. of Files Decompiled with Warnings, No. of Files Failed

3. Success Ratio.

I hope some of you would require this at any point of time,
and hope the tool serves that purpose. I will make available
the link around Evening today (6th Nov) once I am back
to home.

See you around and keep looking for this post for updates
(link first.. )

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