Monday, November 02, 2009

Bangalore Cloud Users Group Meet - 2nd Nov 2009

I had been to Bangalore Cloud Users Group Meet held at
HSR layout on Monday, 2nd Nov 2009. The Agenda was
the Introduction to Cloud Computing with AWS by
Jinesh Varia, Evangelist from Amazon.
I was accompanied by my colleagues Karthik, Ankush
and Siva.
The session was kickstarted by the founders of
Bangalore Cloud Users Group, and instated the spirit
of a Users group and their vision. Then the stage
was taken over by Jinesh who presented a crisp
session, partly hijacked by the flurry of questions
from the audience (some highly relevant).
Nevertheless the event turned out to be a success,
with Pizzas and Cola treating the hungry souls.

I really appreciate the effort of Mr. Prem and
Mr. Vinod from the Bangalore Cloud Users Group
to have arrange this thoughtful session, and looking
forward for many more of the same.

Any new technology or a paradigm requires the
effort of their proponents to spread the word
and encourage the adoption. Bangalore Cloud
Users Group surely has long way to go, but has
definitely started in a style.

Takeaways from the Jinesh's talk :-

1. Interesting Case studies of AWS uses

2. Some really interesting questions from the audience

3. Security issue still a great hurdle for Cloud Computing

4. Software licensing on Cloud - utility model - a topic that
requires more discussion.

I hope to see myself to speak at any of the future sessions
of Bangalore Cloud Users Group and hope to find the
readers there too.

Only concern was the travel time to and fro for the
Event. Hope the event is held at City Centre rather
than one corner of Bangalore.

Till then Good Night

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  1. well written, i agree that i should be in city center.