Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deep Learning: The next paradigm for Machine Learning

2 posts that made me excited about Deep Learning, and how it is evolving the state of art in Machine Learning. 

For newbies, Deep Learning is a set of algorithms that emphasises on layered approach to learning. Each layer is a neural network corresponds to a concept, going all the way from high-order to a low-order. A high order concept is composed of low-order concept and multiple low-order concepts give way to a high-order concept. A concept could be a part of a feature - like learning to understand a language.

Post 1:- 

Andrew Ng, the celebrated Neural Network Researcher and the prestigious AI professor talks about his love for AI and Neural Networks. In The One Algorithm Brain - Andrew Ng discovers how the concept of "One Algorithm" could define how our brains perform complicated processing. And One day, we might finally built something near to it.

Post 2:- 

Rick Rashid, the Chief Research officer of Microsoft Research, wows audience with real-time translation of spoken words. The technology deep within this work is Deep Learning. 

The behind the scenes action of Post 1 and Post 2 lies in application of Deep Learning. Not only, it is creating a paradigm shift in creation of intelligent software, it also shows that key to such creation is learning how our own brain works. 

I am writing a blog post for allowing a layman understand about Deep Learning. Watch out for this in the next blog post.

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