Saturday, June 02, 2012

Rant is Good : Someone is listening

A satisfied customer tells 10 people. An angry customer tells 1000. 

This is a fact. Accept it and move on. As humans, we are wired to vent out and express our disgust with as many people as possible. Partly because we want to be heard, comforted and use the outburst as a mechanism to release our frustration.  

In an age, where twitter breaks the news faster than the always-on-hunt TV / Web news channels, it has become rather customary to have your rants as a part of the Social Network feed. More so, the way the Social structure is built , we get more Comments when we rant than when we appraise. I recommend people to do this social experiment : Rant on something and check for comments / Likes ; Appraise something and do the same check. For the most of the times, what you will find is the number of Likes will be far more than Comments for something good. This is reverse when we rant. We ought to attract more comments and ofcourse less of Likes.

But ranting is good. Its good for digital age. Its good for the twitter age. Its good for the social age. And its good for you, and your product / service provider. All around the web, you will find tons of examples on how companies are employing big data, tools like LivePerson, automated chat bots etc. to mine the sentiments of their customer and detect anamolies. It is as if your provider wants  to hear, and wait for the next rant on the social feed. GigaOm carries an interesting piece on this recently.

So Rant is Good. Go express yourself. Its how you can make the provider listen to you. And guess what, they want to hear you more than ever - for good and more for bad !

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