Saturday, November 19, 2011

My talk @ DroidCon India 2011

Humanize the android

ADDENDUM : -The apps mentioned in the above presentation is as following :-

1. Endomondo (Slide no.32, 41)
2. Quit Now (Slide no. 55, 56)
3. Foursquare (Slide no. 25, 40)
4. Lookout (Slide no. 48, 49)
5. Remember the Milk (Slide no. 47)


  1. Dear Vivek,

    Thanks for Humanizing us!!!

    if possible please mention all app names on top of the App view screenshot on your slides!! which will be helpful for us!
    Ex:- slide num 24,25 etc We can see app screenshot !! but we forgot the name of the app what you said at the time of seminar!!

    I kindly request you to please update which is very helpful to you!
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for noting that. I have enclosed the addendum in the same post.


  3. hey..this looks very interesting..if u ve the video of the whole presentation, can u share it with us..u know as just the slides wont tell everything :)