Monday, August 01, 2011

Bring on the good news

How about building a newspaper dedicated to bring in good news from all parts of the daily life.

The modern newspaper is full of news that reflect poor role models, widespread corruption and painful parts of life. Is this what you need to know when you get up in morning ?

One idea that could work. A news service that is whole-heartedly focussed on bringing you whats good in the world every day. So every morning, when you read the newspaper, all you get is the fresh brew of the best in your city, country and world about goodness. And what is good ? What is not. A person's fight against corruption, initiatives by government leading to good life of its citizens, entrepreneurs working hard to create job opportunities, sportsmen and women on being the true role model for their community and country. Anything and everything that's good around you, the reader.

Is this idea worth a try ?

I bet a good idea shared is far better than fighting a bad idea.


  1. Wow.. Sounds great.. But Vivek on the flip side of it " A thing is good to a person would be the most hatred thing for the other.. " at-least here in India.. With this situation around it's hard to even decide whether a news is good or bad :-)

  2. Vijay, you are right about that. However, there is lot of news that is generally not one sided, or partial to a party. I am confident there is a space for news that is just good, and not to only one part of the viewer ship.

  3. Hi Vivek, Nice to see that you are thinking about what I thought too. I discussed about this with a couple of people as well.
    I thought if this could be presented well to VCs we could as well attract some capital.
    Just a thought. I don't have the bandwidth to do it. I am busy preparing my field to make a news item in your news channel. haha.


  4. Hey Vasanth,

    I am currently working on a idea similar to this. And thanks to Facebook, one of my friends shared this link with me.

    According to the site :-
    South Asian Good News Channel aims at spreading the "Good News" from the South Asian Region to the masses

    Indeed there are people working on this, and that's exciting.