Saturday, December 05, 2009

Road to Ozzie Land

I am on a 3 week trip to Ozzie Land (yes... you are right. Australia).
With a tiring journey from Bangalore to Bangkok to Melbourne, the
Spring in Melbourne was a great welcome one I needed the most.
As soon I landed, the moist cold air took off all my fatigue of the
journey. This being my second Visit to the city, I was excited to
explore more of the culture, weather and the charm that the
city holds.

The First few days went in jiffy, managing the meetings with our
Clients here and of course the food. I am really not a foodie, but
do not mind cherishing good food. The area where I am staying,
Southbank in Melbourne is a wonderful smorgasbord of food,
wine and people. Often walking back from Work, I get to see
people from all parts of the world I know about. And little less
to say, the evening of the city is as charming as the mornings.
Thankfully, I have a great view of the city from my Home.
Sometimes, I just wait for the sunset, because thats when you
get to see this...

More about my trip in later posts.

See ya.

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