Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do you think Entrepreneurship can be taught, learned or is it an instinct?

Entrepreneurship can be taught, learnt and is an Instinct too.
There are countless examples to prove that Entrepreneurship is an instinct. Look at the rags to riches stories, how ordinary people start with a small setup and end up being a role model for all budding entrepreneurs. 
Entrepreneurship as a Science can be taught, but not the Art.

Now, what is Art and Science of Entrepreneurship. Science is the executional principles of starting and then growing as an Entrepreneur. Embracing an idea, building a product on the idea, pitching to a VC and other steps in the life-cycle of a startup. The Art of Entrepreneurship is the guts and instinct that cannot be taught. It is the Spirit and urge to build something valuable. This cannot be taught, but it can be acquired but not learnt. The great stories of Entrepreneurs, their efforts, their losses and wins act as a catalyst to inspire and to instil the spirit. This is because as Humans, we learn more through 

A budding entrepreneur is like a Child, who looks for inspiration and motivation from his/her parent. The parent in this case are those wonderful individuals who have built and sustained great organisations. Therefore, I feel there is more than need to connect these children with parents.

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